Push Camera System

Standard Push Reel

The push cable reel has a steel frame and a 30 inch diameter basket that is capable of holding up to 300 feet of .375 OD integrated push rod/single conductor cable.

A permanently sealed mercury wetted slip ring assembly allows noise-free video transmission and maintenance-free operation.

The push reel is supplied with a 14-foot RG-58 coaxial cable that is terminated with an "N" connector at both ends for the connection from the push reel to the controller.

The reel offers easy protability.

1575 Mini Controller

The 1575 Ultra Mini Controller System from R.S. Technical Services is a complete portable system housed in a sturdy valise style case. For ease of transport, the case has a narrow profile and comes with a comfortable folding handle.

The system features a 10.4 inch color LCD flat panel display with sun hood and DVD-R video recorder. The 1500 controller/power supply, microphone and video footage overlay are built into the system. The unit operates from any 120 VAC 60 Hz. power source. The system operates R.S. Technical Services’ 1500 series cameras. The 1575 Ultra Mini Controller System is the ideal choice for lateral inspection.


1500 Series Camera

The ultra mini inspection cameras are the economical solution for inspecting smaller lines and are ideal for introduction into pipeline inspection. They are designed for maintenance departments, plumbing contractors or municipalities starting or adding to their pipeline inspection capabilities. They are also fully compatible with existing R.S. Technical Services standard voltage, mainline equipment.

These low voltage cameras are capable of negotiating 90° bends in 2” lines and straight sections in 1.5” lines.

The 1530 and 1545 cameras are designed to be pushed with up to 400’ of .25” single conductor integrated push rod cable. Internal circuitry allows the cameras to operate with up to 1,500’ of single conductor mainline cable. The 1530 model is potted to enhance camera durability and the 1545 model features a self-leveling, auto up righting video picture.

Additional features of the 1500 series cameras include fixed focus, eight long lasting white LED lights, solid-state circuitry and stainless steel housings. These cameras include easily interchangeable tail assemblies.



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